Thomas von Wittich was born in 1983 and comes from an upper middle class family in West Germany. When he was only 13 years old, he left home and began working in the meatpacking industry and as cook on board a ship in order to support himself. His first camera was from an old Leica-collector: a Leica R4.

An outstanding portrait of a mediocre band, caught the attention of the American pop-photographer, Jeffrey Delannoy, who promptly hired him as an assistant. From this moment on, Thomas spent countless nights in the darkroom learning and honing his craft. Under the guidance of Delannoy, he studied the classical black & white photography of Parisian street photographers from the 40’s to the 60’s.

After the apprenticeship, he financed his 2-year portfolio preparation through gambling and the lottery. The first Gothic-, Hardcore-Rap- and Erotic-themed publications of his prints followed. Stranded in 2008 in Berlin, he decided to use reporting, portraiture and directing as a means to authentically contribute to the gentrification of the city.